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  • MEDICAID PLANNING: Do you know someone entering a NURSING HOME or needing AT HOME CARE? Will MEDICAID help pay for the nursing home care or at home care? ... Read More
  • ESTATE PLANNING & ADMINISTRATION: Do you have questions about estate planning? What is a trust and how does it work? Peace of mind is the goal when attorneys and clients work together to plan an estate. Peace of mind means fully understanding your options, making informed decisions and then obtaining legal instruments designed to distributed your property according to your wishes with the least possible taxes, expenses and delay that can be achieved in your circumstances. ... Read More
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front_imageWith more than 50 years combined experience, our firm is dedicated to preserving assets and income when at home care or nursing home care is needed. We can help you plan for yourself or for a relative with a disability. We will assist you in preserving assets if you die before your spouse. We are committed to providing legal services for seniors, for persons with disabilities and for the family.

Think you’ll never qualify for Medicaid? Don’t assume you won’t qualify. Please call us for an appointment or contact us here to find out how we can help you.

We Can Help!

Our firm has the first two Certified Elder Law Attorneys++ in the State of Oklahoma who have dedicated their practices to assisting families of nursing home residents and disabled persons to obtain Medicaid benefits while preserving their life savings, income and dignity. Our Attorneys spend hundreds of hours each year studying, researching and attending national seminars with other attorneys to stay up-to-date on the latest rules and strategies for Medicaid planning and helping the families. We are knowledgeable about strategies for asset and income preservation of which most caseworkers are not familiar. Please call for an appointment or contact us here.

Area's Of Practice

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